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Lawn Seeding in Girardeau, MO

Don’t let thin, sparse grass keep you from feeling satisfied with your lawn. It’s easy to get the green, full grass you want, as long as you know the right approach. Oftentimes, watering isn’t the only answer. Many lawns in our area must be reseeded in order to thrive.

By providing lawn seeding in Girardeau, MO, we take a yard with thinning grass and make it full again. The certified lawn care specialists at TruGreen know how to invigorate your lawn. When we spread new grass seeds, we effectively fill in the thin spots that make your yard look less than lovely.

Why Your Lawn Needs Overseeding

There are certain grass varieties that naturally spread on your lawn. So, they do not need overseeding. However, Bermuda, zoysia, and other grasses must be reseeded in order to thrive. That’s because a little bit of your grass dies every year. Therefore, you must replace it with healthy new seedlings to have a robust lawn. When you depend on our company for overseeding, we spread grass seeds throughout your lawn to give it a full, green look.

Combined with core aeration and weed control, this service does wonders to make your yard stand out as the best on the block. Reseeding also improves drought tolerance, discourages weed growth, and even improves the value of your property.

Science-Based Treatments for a Thinning Lawn

Our methodical approach to lawn seeding involves much more than just tossing seed in your yard. The TruGreen team boasts PhD-holding scientists who evaluate your lawn using our proprietary TruGreen Healthy Lawn Analysis. Once the results are in, we instruct certified specialists on how to implement that knowledge for complete lawn optimization.

Contact us to see how overseeding improves the value and appeal of your property. We proudly serve customers throughout Girardeau, MO.

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